Account Manager, 37, 'Brighton' - Brighton, East Sussex, South East (UK)

"Just looking for Mr. Right! "

How cheesy is that headline...

Anyway, I am 28, originally from Holland and moved to England almost three years ago. I started off in a little town in Kent and I moved to Brighton about 7 months ago to start a new job as a flight attendant. Unfortunately the job didn't live up to my expectations and when my contract came to an end, I decided to look for a new job.

I just got a new job as an account manager and I am very excited! Due to my flying job I still don't know many people in the area yet, so I am rebuilding my social life and looking to meet new friends.

Of course I am still looking for someone special, like all of you here. I am very open minded, impulsive, I like the outdoor life, socialize, but I do like a good book as well.

Apart from my normal job, I do some freelance teaching (Dutch) and translating. Apart from all the work, I am currently taking my A-level Psychology.

As I said before, in my free time I'd like to socialize, explore, eat out and be impulsive. I get on with almost everyone and I enjoy meeting new people.

I am looking for that person who is willing to listen to my boring stories after work, who is willing to sit on the sofa and cuddle up, someone who likes to socialize but who wants to spend time with me as well.

Oh yeah... I don't want to talk about marriage and kiddies at the first date !

If you want to know more... just drop me a line :)