Artist, 39, 'Hastings' - Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex, South East (UK)

"Someone special "

I am an intelligent lady, who is caring and confident. I would like to meet people with similar attributes to me, so if you are overly sarcastic, patronising, judgemental, disillusioned or sensitive then we wont get on. However, you feel you are constructively critical, opinionated, self-aware and sympathetic then please read on.

I love life and am constantly striving to progress, it is a slow process sometimes but I have strong faith in myself that I will be successful.

Despite being really bad at spelling I am well educated and have travelled enough to have a open-minded perspective on life. I have a strong interest in art and culture and seek the same in whomever I get to know. I find discussion on topical subjects invigorating so if you feel you may take offence to some of my views then please do not contact me. I would like to find someone who can appreciate other peoples views on things without having some massive issue because it contradicts their view.

In short I am looking for someone who has the 'x factor' and it will be 3 no's if you don't.

Thank you for reading a little about me. Happy New Year!