Stockbrokers clerk, 36, Chelmsford, Essex, South East (UK)
I work in London for a large Swiss Bank

Musical Instruments played:
I learnt the keyboard while I was growing up. Havent played in a while though.

Music Enjoyed:
Pop, Soft Rock, 90's music

Sports and exercise:
Gym, Jogging, Swimming, I'm not great at playing sports, but will have a go. The gym and running is what I do mainly in an effort to stay fit.

Interests and activities:
Concerts, Countryside, Crosswords, ...nightclub, Eating Out, Friends, Health and Fitness, Pubs, Theatre, Travel, TV, Walking

Animals and Pets:
I have an Irish setter. She's getting on a bit now, but she's still lovely.

Newspapers and magazines:
Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, The Mirror

About a Boy - Nick Hornby, Dangerous Kiss - Jackie Collins, Score! - Jilly Cooper

Enjoyable evening out:
Cinema, Meal, Pub, Wine bar, Musical, Nightclub, Theatre

Favourite Dishes:
Lasagne, Spaghetti alle Vongole, Steak and chips

Ideal Holiday:
Disneyland, Driving slowly around Ireland, Lying on a beach in the Caribbean, Safari in Africa

Affectionate, Ambitious, Caring, Cautious, Cheerful, Confident, Considerate, Friendly, Generous, Loving, Modest, Positive, Reliable, Reserved, Romantic, Sensitive, Sensual, Sentimental, Serious, Sociable, Thoughtful, Tolerant