Administrator, 38, , Essex, South East (UK)
Music Enjoyed:
Pop, Soft Rock, 60's music, 70's music, 80's music, 90's music - pretty much anything other than garage or hip hop

Interests and activities:
Computer games, Concerts, Crosswords, Eating Out, Friends, History, Internet, Pubs, Reading, Shopping, Theatre, Travel, TV

Newspapers and magazines:

I love reading, favourites include classic authors such as Austen, Bronte and Dickens, fantasy such as Lord of the Rings and His Dark Materials, Harry Potter (I know they are childrens books but I love them!! Other books that spring to mind are Birdsong, I Capture The Castle, Cats Eye and Dracula

Favourite Films:
I like most genres of film, such as Fantasy, Action, Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedies; I don't do scary movies though, too much of a wimp for that!!

Enjoyable evening out:
Cinema, Meal, Pub, Nightclub

Favourite Dishes:
Fish and Chips, A Chinese banquet, Handmade Pizza, Lasagne

Ideal Holiday:
Disneyland, Lying on a beach in the Caribbean,

Humorous, Optimistic, Shy