Secondary School English Teacher, 34, Reading, Berkshire, South East (UK)
I always wanted to be a teacher. As a student I did a lot of voluntary work in the educational setting. I've now worked in teaching for 3 years. Most days I love it - or love to moan about it - but it's hard work and tiring so I don't get much time out and want more of a work-life balance!

I went to University at Leeds where I did a BA in English and then a teaching qualification.

I like to think there's something there, but don't believe firmly.

Changes all the time. Am quite political and believe in people's rights, but it depends what they offer.

Languages Spoken:
French, German, My german is better than my French, though I can still remember a lot of both and really enjoy using it abroad if I ever get the chance.

Musical Instruments played:
I used to play loads, but the habit has died.

Music Enjoyed:
Choral, Classical, Opera, Pop, Rap, Soft Rock, 90's music, My music tastes are very eclectic. I buy quite a lot, though I'm not very up with current stuff. I love gigs though there's not that much round here.

Sports and exercise:
Two that aren't mentioned here, archery and Yoga, I do both - though start the year with good intentions, I get lazier. I do a lot of walking, which keeps me going.

Interests and activities:
Computers, Concerts, Cooking, Countryside, Eating Out, Friends, Hiking, History, Internet, Politics, Pubs, Reading, Shopping, Singing, Theatre, Travel, TV, Voluntary Work, Walking, Writing, Yoga, As an English teacher, I read a lot! Always have. Watch some tv-drama and soaps. I like the cinema/dvd. I love to eat out - chinese/italian/British. I like pubs.

Animals and Pets:
I have a Yellow Labrador Dog. She's 9 nearly.

My favourite book is always changing! I read anything really except horror.

Favourite Films:
My favourite film is "Sliding Doors" though I own quite a lot of dvds and like the cinema. Anything except horror.

Enjoyable evening out:
Cinema, Meal, Pub, Wine bar, Musical, Theatre

Favourite Dishes:
A Chinese banquet, Fish and Chips, Handmade Pizza

On the outside I appear confident. I'm opinionated, determined and strong-willed and ambitious. I'm also a good listener, friendly and caring. Imaginative and creative too.