English tutor, 38, London
I'm self-employed and work as a private English tutor. I'm trained to teach English as a foreign language to adults, but spend most of my time teaching children who are perfectly fluent in spoken English! I got a degree in English and then went to Japan for a year and taught English, before coming back to England to get qualified to do the job.

I went to college and got the International Baccalaureate diploma before going to university to study English. The module I enjoyed most at university was one called Readier Response Theory and I really enjoyed Psychology when I was at college. Next year I'm going to do a postgraduate course to train to teach dyslexic people in further and higher education.

I was starved of oxygen when I was born, which has left me with a limp and poor eyesight. I will never be able to drive but live an independent life. I also have no spatial awareness, which means that I get lost very easily!

Languages Spoken:
I leanrt French for ten years and lived in France for four months. I din't think I was any good at French until I went to Japan with practically non-existent Japanese, and I realised just how good I was at French! I taught myself basic spoken Japanese before I went to Japan and got by perfectly well with that when I spent a year in Japan.

Musical Instruments played:

Music Enjoyed:
Pop, Soft Rock, 70's music, 80's music, 90's music

Sports and exercise:

Interests and activities:
Walking, Cooking, Eating Out, Friends, Reading, Theatre, Travel, Voluntary Work, Writing

Animals and Pets:
Yes, a dog from Corfu. She's called Holly as my family and I found her on the beach two days before Christmas, or rather, she found us! She was about 6 months old when we found her and is about five years old now. She's just a scruffy mongrel but I love her very much!

Newspapers and magazines:
Big Issue, The Metro

Well, when I went to Poland I took Nausea by Jean-Paul Satre. That was a bit of a one-off, however. At the moment I'm reading The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf and I've just finished reading a book by Esther Freud, which was based in Morocco. That would have been a good book to take on holiday - intersting, but nice and light and easy to read. I also enjoy reading books by Doris Lessing.

Favourite Films:
Not really into films. I find cinema seats quite uncomfortable and tend to get easily confused, lose track of the film (or don't even get on track in the first place) and fall asleep. However, if I choose films carefully that are nice and gentle and sound interesting, I can manage to stay awake and enjoy the film. The last film I managed to follow and enjoy was a French film with English subtite

Enjoyable evening out:
Art Gallery, Meal, Pub, Musical, Theatre

Favourite Dishes:
I love Japanese food and sake. I also like medium-hot curries and a nice cold beer. I don't generally like 'eat-all-you-can' Chinese buffets, but do enjoy good quality Chinese food. I also love authentic Italian cuisine, although I'm not a huge fan of pizza. I like cheap and cheerful pub meals from time to time as well. I'm not a fan of Thai food, but am willing to persevere with it!

Ideal Holiday:
My best holiday recently was a six-day long holiday I spent in Krakow in Poland. I ended up going on my own but met a local couple who took me out for dinner, took me to their house for cheese and wine, out for tea in Japanese tea house and introduced me to traditional Polish cuisine.

In another life:
Dr Doolittlle, a tree, an author, a travel writer

Cheerful, Courageous, Different, Eccentric, Humorous, Independent, Intellectual, Mad, Optimistic, Reliable, Romantic, Sensitive, Shy, Sociable, Strong willed, Tolerant