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Writer, communicator, musician
I'm 67 and from 'Worthing - 5min from sea' - Brighton, West Sussex, South East (UK)
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Friends, Romance or Long Term Relationship
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Le Spectre de la Rose
Thought I’d retire normally and unwind. Didn’t anticipate a new, exciting set of rewarding voluntary musical projects to keep me busy. So, definitely not vegetating – but now calm, relaxed and needing a balancing relationship!

Here’s a romantic, tactile, practical, domesticated, non-materialistic, non-hirsute, non-alpha male. Quick-witted, upbeat, fun to be with, self-sufficient, intuitive, empathetic, protective. A cherisher, a feeler, a thinker, longing to share with someone of like mind the sensualities and sensations of being truly alive.

I write about classical music; review some concerts; create a few key events each year; relish ballet; sometimes arrange, perform, record non-classical music; assist new young artistes; help the professional organisations of an orchestra, a theatre company and a homelessness charity.

I take care of myself and live 5 minutes’ walk from the sea (the Downs aren’t far). I walk, cycle – and can still run up stairs! I’m an eco-espouser and follow current affairs. I thrive on laughter.

I’m gregarious, and enjoy interaction with the world outside, then diving into my creativity to deliver a contribution. I like making things happen people can enjoy. I aim to share the beautiful with others – so their world, likewise, may be changed.

I’d like to meet someone who treasures sound, conversation, and their imagination – usually preferring radio to TV, enjoying radio’s language and greater integrity (I do watch TV occasionally, but selectively) - someone not necessarily a musician but one who loves and feeds off the effect of music, especially classical, and hopefully other arts. Someone creative, or who understands creativity. And who has their own passions to share; who seeks Us Time, as much as Me Time. Companionship is so important, or one faces loneliness in a relationship. Been there.

I have 2 adult daughters both living independently, hitched, and someway distant.

I hope some of this sounds inviting. In these seasoned years, romance can still flare from chemistry, or it can spring from companionship deepened through shared values and interests. Or you can still simply be good friends. If you think we share starting points, then do say Hello! Listening to you is going to be exciting and wonderful.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Divorced
Has Children Yes - but not living with me
Would like children? No
Hair Color White
Height 5' 5'' (1.65m)
Religion Spiritual
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences Demi Vegetarian
Star Sign Cancer
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education Prof Quals
Eye Colour Green
Body Type Slim
Politics Centre
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Not bothered
Self-employed, self-sufficient. An accumulative developer, here am I now with multiple skills key to other people's needs in fields wherein lie my passions. So why stop, disengage, vegetate and become frustrated? Creative, imaginative, versatile, a ready manager of operations. I think out of the box, sometimes challenge conventions, ruffle feathers, unsettle empires! Can-do, pragmatic.
Leaderships, self-teaching, learning through radio and real life. Teaching qualification but so much practical and life-learning since. People assume I've got a degree! Playing sport and music diluted my academic development but made me eventually a local newspaper sports editor and music writer. Then worked in small business advertising, events and operations. Now I share/promote great music.
Father a Suffolk hairdresser and watercolour painter with keen multi-arts awareness, possibly with Flemish ancestry, an urbanised countryman; mother a London amateur pianist and choral soprano, civil servant, later a school secretary and Red Cross volunteer. Both sides sporty, musical, active.
Nobody actually KNOWS, do they? But we do know how we should behave towards each other. 'Spiritual' doesn't quite describe it.
Green/centre, egalitarian, eco, one-world, but with doctrinaire politics becoming more enlightened, sometimes my voting floats. People power has dawned online, creating accountability and demanding consultation - as our governments are now appreciating. Current affairs are our affairs.They interest me . . . I hope they do you. We now have a voice that can count, and create change
My secular, non-political headgear expresses my appreciation of being in this single, brief, one-chance world. Clothing is fun. Only the insular allow its appearance to separate, divide or repel. Embracing other cultures enables us to reach, share with, and touch each other, don’t you think? Don't worry. Dress-wise, I am stylistically individual, tidy, with a colour sense.
Languages Spoken:
Wish I could say modest rusty French but forever lacking practice. Know some Italian musical terms! Bad with my German ones.
Musical Instruments played:
Guitars, Organ, Piano, I play these in a trio. Wish I played a wind instrument: think I'd pick sax and bassoon! Can sing a bit - could you and I harmonise?
Music Enjoyed:
Classical is a wide world of lifetime-long discovery and enrichment: orchestral, chamber, some opera, choral and vocal, and plenty of ballet. But a 1960s teenager got the best overall musical education of all! I take in 60s pop and soul, 70s prog, and cherry pick from the other decades; enjoy folk and celtic, some jazz, a bit of world, a dash of blues. Live or recorded. Many favourites
Sports and exercise:
Uncompetitive walking, cycling - still pretty fit and agile. (No cyclist's lycra, flashy sunglasses or clattering shoes - or dubious medication). Was good at tennis, football and cricket. Was a newspaper sports reporter and editor, and immersed in it - now can take it or leave it.
Interests and activities:
Concerts, art or sculpture exhibitions, visiting gardens, countryside, wildlife, board games. I have lifetime deficits to address in reading novels and knowing classic films! I can play bowls and golf but don't - too time consuming! I'm well-informed about most sport but loathe the money, business, agents and now the drugs threatening its credibility. Basketball is beautiful, tennis can be.
Animals and Pets:
None, but admire cats. I was allergic to them, but possibly not now (does age dull sensitivity?). Not a fan of dogs. I'm seeking freedom to be spontaneous, not shackles. I prefer people as friends.
Newspapers and magazines:
Telegraph, Independent, though not for their politics. Radio Times, Private Eye, Big Issue. Much that's published contains something we should know. If on a long train journey, I combine catch-up book reading with looking out of the window and conversation with interesting strangers I will never see again.
I like to see and do when on holiday, though I like beaches, reading on them, or boat-watching. Poetry or biography or something arts-related I can dip in and out of. Or something funny! For books on flights, same as rail journeys above.
Favourite Films:
My film education's woeful (I'd like to watch my first Casablanca and Brief Encounter with you!). But any violence whatsoever and I will leave the room and find something else to do. Real-life violence, reported in much gratuitous detail, is everywhere - so it's abhorrent as entertainment. Like what we eat, do we eventually become what we watch?
Enjoyable evening out:
A seafront walk, a beach relax, restaurant or wine bar; theatre (drama, ballet, opera, musical), cinema or live music, with something perhaps afterwards. For 'daytime out', add a Downs or woodland walk, art gallery - each with a lazy lunch stop. In May, let's go and listen for nightingales, walk among bluebells or sit quietly and watch for wild deer!
Favourite Dishes:
Any national cuisine with flavour without heat. Fish, game or vegetarian - plus exotic fruit. Big appetite, fast metabolism; food is one of life's glories!
Ideal Holiday:
Ireland slowly sounds nice; Scotland without the golf; The Gower, Pembrokeshire coast; Isle of Wight, Lake District, The Malverns or the Peaks? Give me heights and greenery. I've only scratched the surface of France's variety. Music in Prague or Venice? Maybe a Bayreuth or Esterhazy visit? I'd like to see hummingbirds.
In another life:
Being Josef Haydn or Ian Hislop would be fun and rewarding. Being Arthur Ashe would be fulfilling, if tragically; Mikhail Fokine, immensely sensual. An animal, a dancer or Mozart? Too short-lived and dangerous! A travel writer sounds enriching. A second-chance 'me' might be easier to live out - but would you be there, too?
Affectionate, Aware, Caring, Cheerful, Confident, Considerate, Creative, Different, Friendly, Generous, Gregarious, Humorous, Imaginative, Independent, Intellectual, Loving, Optimistic, Positive, Practical, Proactive, Reliable, Romantic, Sensitive, Sensual, Sentimental, Serious, Sociable, Stylish, Thoughtful. No one ordinary friend would know me as all these: but you'd be be no ordinary friend.
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