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I'm 49 and from London
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Friends, Social Networking or Romance
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Guess which one
You know...I've lied about my age because I wanted you to see my profile.

I'm a happy, sorted (both personally and professionally) guy with the usual attributes (roof over head, overflowing DVD collection, beloved linen jacket) and usual hopeless bachelor traits. Looking to meet cool, sparky woman for cultural discovery and possible longterm hanging around.

I would like to meet an independent-minded batchelorette who enjoys life, but I am not at all sure about this dating business. I'd prefer to meet socially, maybe with other people around. I enjoy putting the world to rights and listening to another persons perspective on life. Who knows what can come out of a good conversation.

Not sure about fate, but I like the idea of serendipity and I am facinated by the beguiling nature of womankind.

It would be nice to meet someone who has enough time in their life to sustain a relationship and considers it a priority. Maybe someone who thinks a little deeper than the usual romantic cliches. I appreciate intellect, sexiness, art, vivacity, character, physicality and emotional maturity.

I can also handle shallowness and selfishness as long as it is accompanied by impossible beauty.

In return you get an attractive man in middle age, with a good nature who can be charming, always cheeky and likes to laugh. He loves and fears women, makes mistakes, is both clever and foolish. Wants to enjoy life and is looking for someone special.

That ain't going to happen unless I get out and about. So I am always open to offers of meeting up in London - a regular man about town. And the woman I am looking for? Well, I cannot be specific. I try to keep an open mind and I love the splendid variety of womankind. Drop me a one of the few. Maybe ask a question.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? Not sure
Hair Color Changeable
Height 5' 10'' (1.78m)
Religion None Selected
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Capricorn
Orientation Straight
Heritage Other ethnic group
Education Undergraduate Degree
Eye Colour Grey
Body Type Muscular
Politics Centre
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Yes
History, Politics
Probably Viking
Very interested in politics, distrust all politicians and suspicious of ideologies. Read too many newspapers.
A compulsive ironic wit
Languages Spoken:
Can converse in French but my grammar is excruciatingly bad. I can mumble platitudes in German and have had fun deciphering Russian.
Music Enjoyed:
'70s kid, so love reggae and punk. Also partial to a bit of world music (but not the dress sense!)
Sports and exercise:
Fairly indolent, but enjoys rollerblading. One day I'll learn to skate backward and my life will be that much richer. Done the gym hamster thing. I have the odd frenetic phase and I got a couple of dumb-bells for Christmas. I have recently taken to rambling around the countryside with the help of the Timeout guide. Despite being such a city boy I find myself enjoying it, despite the blisters.
Interests and activities:
Coffee bar roue, bibliomania, travel. Typically reckless pursuits. Love going to strange and exotic places. Sadly, the last time I did this I came back with a strange exotic illness. Mental note: in future, when white water rafting on the Nile, keep mouth shut when submerged. I have been known to binge on culture from time to time.
Animals and Pets:
Don't have any pets. Grew up taking Dalmations for long walks.
Newspapers and magazines:
Independent, Big Issue when cornered by local street seller, New Scientist.
Reefer Madness, The Victorian Internet, The Man in Full, Euclids Rule, The English Shogun and a book by Suzy Godston.
Favourite Films:
Coen Brothers, David Lynch, Almadovar, Kubrick Branagh, Greenaway, Ridley Scott and anything French without Geraud Depardieu in it.
Favourite Dishes:
Something French
Ideal Holiday:
Something active, with a bit of a thrill. Something that gets me well away from other UK tourists. Been to India, next stop Africa. Been to Africa and back to India. Very exotic, fed up of getting ill so I am back to exploring Europe again.
In another life:
Pablo Picasso
Thoughtful, humourous, mischievous, analytical, tolerant, sensitive, educated, moody, confident, physical, curious,
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