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Learning lessons from love
Learning lessons in your relationship and how to relate to your partner can make your love last and give you a better understanding about what's important in life.
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Top London proposal spots
London is one of the world's greatest cities and visitors and residents are never short of things to do.
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National Kissing Statistics
Only five per cent of over 45s manage more than 30 kisses a week
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Coping with the greater stresses of Venus and Mars
His first relationship book achieved a mythical status usually reserved for religious texts and the Harry Potter series and now John Gray has produced a sequel.
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Make this one a happy Valentine's Day
Many singles view Valentine's Day with dread.
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James Corden's humour makes him a hit with the lad
When it comes to finding a good man, all a lot of girls want is someone who can make them laugh through the hard times.
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Credit crunch 'spurs on online dating'
The credit crunch has led to a surprising surge in the number of people dating online, according to an expert.
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Wartime couple celebrate 60 years together
All's fair in love and war. And one happy couple have found out that even World War II could not ruin their romance.
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