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... Mistletoe kissing a lost art? Mistletoe kissing a lost art?

9 December 2008

With Christmas in full swing, Britons are being urged to bring back the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe.

While traditionally a kiss under the mistletoe with a stranger or someone you have had your eye on all year is one of the highlights of the festive season, it seems to be a dying art.

But 23 per cent of Britons still think the best way to make Christmas special is to share a smooch with someone under the mistletoe.

Apart from the cost of the plant, mistletoe kissing is a free, credit crunch-busting activity and Galaxy is urging Brits to recapture the practice.

A survey reveals that 47 per cent of people have not kissed under the mistletoe for more than two years, while 26 per cent have never been kissed under the mistletoe.

It seems to be a dying art, as 79 per cent of those aged over 45 have had a Mistletoe Kiss compared to just 43 per cent of those aged between 16 and 24.

According to the Galaxy study, part of the problem seems to be that kissing is becoming a very awkward practice.

Britons in the dating game, in the workplace and in social life are becoming increasingly aware of kissing faux pas.

Around 38 per cent of respondents have had an embarrassing or awkward kissing situation.

Most commonly these are with work colleagues who perhaps get a little tipsy at the Christmas party.

People are just not sure how to kiss under the mistletoe because they are also just not sure how to kiss in many social situations.

Around 52 per cent of respondents to the survey said they greet their friends with a simple kiss on the cheek.

But these days confusion arises as almost a quarter of people have now adopted the European two-cheek-kiss.

The confusion often results in hilarious head-butting incidents as people get their wires crossed so it is no wonder that the prospect of mistletoe kissing can fill people with dread.

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