BUSINESS SUPPORT MANAGER, 38, Reading, Berkshire, South East (UK)

"love is all about kissing frogs to find a Prince "

Drat! I hate this part because then we all sound the same..we are all fun loving, kind, outgoing,adventurous, funny etc...sooo I'll tell you the bad stuff, that way you'll know what you DONT like about me. I can be fussy about detail,I can be maturnal(and a tad bit emotional..but which woman isnt?). I have terrible taste in socks! I have the occassional bad hair day,I can be very opinionated but usually mean no harm. I laugh at my own jokes (who doesnt?)I'm a chicken when it comes to horrors!I can be very sensible and rational (but thats only when I'm not letting loose)

On a good note though, I'm warm, genuine, charismatic, ambitious and looking to meet someone like me that will make me laugh for hours and smile for days ..even on bad hair day!