Publications Manager, 41, London

"Northerner looking for fun in the South "

OK, where to begin.? These things always remind me of job application forms. Im a bright and friendly northerner whos been living in London for just over three and a half years. Im enjoying London life, but find the place a bit unfriendly at times (I think its a northern thing) and Ive found that it isnt exactly the easiest place to meet people.

I work for a business organisation, looking after publications, PR and marketing, and website stuff, and am trying really hard now not to let it take over my life like it has done in the past! Im not a workaholic, honest.

My free time is spent going out with friends (prefer bars and pubs to clubs I must be getting oldbut am a sucker for nights out with cheesy 70s, 80s and 90s music), going to the cinema, shopping (hey, Im a girl, dont hold it against me), trying desperately to improve my pool playing (any decent pool players out there who wouldnt mind give me a few lessons get in touch!), going to comedy nights, and live music. Oh, and I try to get out of London at least once a month. I love going to the seaside.OK, OK, Im a big kid, but I have a thing about My Whippy ice cream :)

Id like to meet someone whos tall (sorry, Im 510 so tend to go for taller guys), easy going, knows how to have a laugh (and if you can make me laugh, youre half way there!), honest and straight forward (I hate mind games with a passion) and an interest in cars is preferable, though not essential Im no petrolhead, but Im more interested than most girls in cars.

Does that sound like it could be you? Yes? Well, why not drop me a line?!