Student, 31, Guildford, Surrey, South East (UK)

"Dont think about it! " quite impatient, sarky and fussy (if i notice i have a mark on my shoes ill take time to get it off!) BUT Im really loyal (never cheated but have been cheated on), have a sense of humour and Im a romantic. Im also occasionally goofy!!

Id like to meet a guy who shares my passion for spontanaity (is that spelt right?)and travel. Someone who just wants to have a buddy, as most of my own 'buddys' arent 'buddys' anymore, and maybe see how things turn out. Trust is important to me and safety as well. I dont want a whirlywind "lets meet so I can see you and perv over you" type of buddy either!! Can you handle just meeting up, doing something and going home again? The relationship that Ricky Gervais' character has with his friend Maggie on Extras is what I mean!! You can? YAYYYYYYY!!!