singer, 32, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, South East (UK)
Musical Instruments played:
Drums, Piano, Recorder

Music Enjoyed:
Blues, Drum'n'Bass, Heavy Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggae, Soft Rock, Techno, World Music, 50's music, 60's music, 70's music, 80's music, 90's music

Sports and exercise:

Interests and activities:
Clubbing, Collecting, Computers, Cooking, Crosswords, ...nightclub, Internet, Pubs, Singing, TV, Writing

Harry Potter - J K Rowling

Favourite Films:
The Godfather

Enjoyable evening out:
Meal, Pub, Wine bar, Nightclub

Favourite Dishes:
Chicken Tikka

Ideal Holiday:
Lying on a beach in the Caribbean

In another life:
Marilyn Monroe

Adventurous, Ambitious, Confident, Different, Friendly, Independent, Loving, Mad, Sociable, Strong, Stylish