Publications Manager, 41, London
I work for a not-for-profit business organisation, looking after publications, PR, marketing and website stuff. Great job and people, just wish I could get my hours down a bit!

Languages Spoken:
Well, I studied French and German up to A-Level, then French at uni, but unfortunately have let both languages drop since. I still love France and can get by when I go there, but it's definitely a case of 'use it or lose it' when it comes to foreign languages.

Musical Instruments played:
I used to play the flute when I was at high school, but gave that up when my GCSEs came along. Still have it somewhere, but wouldn't be able to play anything worth listening to now!

Music Enjoyed:
I like lots of different music, from pop to dance, to cheesy 70s and 80s stuff.

Sports and exercise:
Hmm, well, I'm saying gym and swimming for this section, although I do neither as much as I'd like to. Would also love to learn to snowboard, but that's still on my 'to do' list right now.

Interests and activities:
There are lots of different things I like doing in my spare time, or am interested in, including cars, the countryside, dancing (nightclub), going out/meeting up with friends, wasting time on the Internet, motorbikes, pubs, reading, shopping, singing, TV, walking, photography and eating out.

Animals and Pets:
I can't have pets where I'm living now, but would love a cat when I (eventually) get my own place.

Newspapers and magazines:
Reading the papers and magazines is something I have to do on a daily basis anyway, so that would mean ticking nearly all of the titles on the list for this section. To narrow it down a bit, though, I'd say Cosmo, the FT (especially like the weekend version), the Sun (great for keeping up with celebrity gossip!) and Time Out.

Bridget Jones - Helen Fielding, Carrie - Stephen King, Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt, Birdsong - Sebastian Faulks, Score! - Jilly Cooper, Testament - John Grisham. A friend recently got me hooked on Janet Evanovich too - trashy crime novels, recommend them to anyone! Also like Kathy Reichs, John Connolly, Nick Hornby, Philip Pullman and basically any good crime/thriller/horror authors.

Favourite Films:
I love watching films, but there are so many of the classics that I still haven't seen yet. From the list, I'd pinpoint Psycho and Reservoir Dogs, though there are lots more I want to see, but haven't.

Enjoyable evening out:
This would depend entirely on what kind of mood I was in...could be anything from a quiet night in with a good book/film/bottle of wine/man, to going out clubbing til the early hours. And almost anything in between!

Favourite Dishes:
I used to be really fussy about what food I'd eat, but have improved no end over the past few years! I love Chinese food, mild Indian food, Italian.....but a recent favourite has to be peri-peri chicken - slightly spicy chicken (it's Portuguese).

Ideal Holiday:
Disneyland, driving slowly round Ireland, driving across the USA,

In another life:
Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, a cat, an artist, a musician,

aware, caring, cautious, cheerful, considerate, friendly, modest, practical, sensitive, thoughtful, tolerant