team leader, 39, 'Windsor ' - London

"r there really nice guys out there ? :) "

What can I say... few words to describe me - kind, friendly, loving, caring, a good listener.. Love socialising, going out with mates but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy quiet nights in with some wine and DVD.. :) I am not sure why and how I ended up on this website but after a while you start re-thinking your life and I've come to conclusion that I don't want to waste anymore of my time. Life is too short and it can end any minute so ppl should go out there and make the most of it while they can. I am not sure either I believe love exsists but I am sure there have to be some nice guys out there, just seem to pass them all the time and end up with the wrong ones. :/ lol. What do I want from this website? I am not sure to be honest but I keep my mind opened :) So if u fancy dropping a line, feel free to do so. :)