Senior Conference Coordinator, 38, London

"Passionate and caring with a feisty side "

Well, some useful things to know about me:

*Like most people travel is high on the agenda. As an Event Manager I run conferences worldwide which helps Ė I have Moscow, Mumbai and Istanbul coming up this spring which should be fun!

*I also have a special love for Italy as I lived there for a year, quite a while ago now though. I now live in sunny Surrey and work in Balham.

*My friends and family mean the world to me, so I see them all when I can when Iím at home.

*Hobbies include photography and painting.

*I love movies, books and music (as do most normal people I guess). I love getting totally lost in something great Ė today Iíve been dancing round the flat to Mumford and Sons remembering Glastonbury in the rain!

*I can cook but donít really enjoy it that much, so finding someone who does would be a bonus!

*Iím quite a casual girl day to day, Iím not really one to get poshed up every day of the week but Iím told I scrub up pretty well on nights out.

*Iím very passionate and get sucked into heated discussions quite easily if the right topic comes up (and usually fuelled by a glass of wine or two).

*I am terrible at Articulate when drunk and seem to lose my power of speech (or brain function?), but it is quite funny to watch, apparently.

*I got hit by a car once when cycling in Italy. I learnt a valuable lesson that day Ė even if you are okay, roll on the floor like a footballer in agony. Otherwise they will blame you for denting their car.

*I have a degree in Italian (and a rather unusual Masters but thatís one for laterÖ)

*I have three tattoos and love them.

*I served David Jason breakfast once.

*I used to be a competitive dancer.

*Iíve been to Easter Island and the Galapagos Islands Ė both incredible places.

*VERY important, two things I hate: egg and tequila. Donít try to make me like them, it just wonít happen. But egg as an ingredient is perfectly acceptable, as long as it no longer resembles egg (cake is always a good example).

So what am I looking for? I donít really have a type or prerequisites. Iím only 5í2Ē so Iím unlikely to end up with a basketball player, but then I dated a 6í2Ē guy for 2 years so who knows, Iím pretty open minded!