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I'm 62 and from 'Sevenoaks circa 1935' - , Kent, South East (UK)
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Friends, Romance, Short Term Relationship or Long Term Relationship
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Ok I give up,
Intelligent nice looking, constantly passionate and persistently tactile, single slim male, 5’10, not desperate but wasted - seeks a feminine and elemental, crusading and humanitarian, psychological and creative, capable and effective, erotic and unusual, sensuous and sexual, pretty or attractive, instinctively noble, broody venusian virgin with heavy hair, dirty depths and a Midas touch. Failing that another cat.

Actually utterly wasted so achingly desperate but that loses the rhythm.

Being the second person in history to uncover Anglo-Saxon salt making equipment in the U.K. did me no good at all - it was the week Elvis died.

For God's sake I am not from Mars, you are not from Venus. We have the same base needs. Just I get the blame.
Intentions are cheap. It's easy with roses round the door.
With the passion comes the poison.
Was I waving or drowning ?
Being good is not good enough, you have to Do good.
Has Life really taught you to be cautious, or are you just always emotionally crippled.
You instinctively know most of what you need to know. No one listens.
Those with glasses perpetually half full should get out more.
For pity’s sake, a sole mate is a fishy friend.
Every good woman deserves a fetish.
There is no o in time.
Never trust anyone who never gets angry.
Always trust someone with a Blue Peter badge pre 1972.
Forever judge one that never judges.
Smoking is simply displacement activity justifying projection.
A pretty face is disturbing, but then so are bra straps and flat shoes with tartan skirts and black woolly tights.
I hate this party 'cos I can't dance. I'd rather be watching Mad Men/Six Feet Under/The Big Bang Theory.
Your eyebrows don't need plucking. I need to smell you. Wear a skirt. I love to watch you dance.

Radio 4. The pinnacle of all Human achievement.

Still looking for intelligent, capable, and frequently, insistently, needfully, indeed multiply organic women who use capital i's, are more than the list of places they travel to, wines they drink, CDs they own, don't use baggage, ballgown, wellies, lady, sassy or gig in the same sentence, and hardly ever say Yeah.

There are three immediate reasons why you are looking for dates -
Spouse/Soul mate
Full time Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Part time nonexclusive Lover when you need servicing/your time and diary allowing
If one doesn’t fit completely then we default to the next one down

So aim high, but at least be on the list somewhere.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? Not sure
Hair Color Grey
Height 5' 10'' (1.78m)
Religion Agnostic
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Aquarius
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education Undergraduate Degree
Eye Colour None Selected
Body Type Average
Politics None Selected
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Yes
How I hope you have enough pension for two. Seriously, I probably empty your bins. And this might be the point to reveal I've turned 62, the dating game is very ageist though I had no complaints to Trading Standards till recently. Somehow the country has a surfeit of buddhist yet sassy fluently french but surprisingly single Psychotherapists and Event Organisers, and most are on here.
Literally nothing of note. In 1972 I wanted to Save the World, didn't know how to though and you wouldn't have listened. Conservation hadn't been invented, and I hated cheesecloth shirts so much I looked for war zones. But today if I was 19, I would be volunteering for the exact opposite sides. Such is History. When I see the Lewa Reserve Kenya vets on TV now, I cry at the Life I should have been.
Short answer is Northern Western European Christian heritage with all the evolved maturity, freedom to make our own mistakes, and tolerant sense of enquiring decency that it has produced, minor Public School, father RCAF Wing Commander born in a log cabin, mother tea planters daughter. The comprehensive answer is Aquarian. Aquarians know everything. No they really DO know everything. It's a curse.
Please don't ask me to turn out for a drink on a cold winter's night if you intend to walk in the footsteps of Jesus/submit to the will of Allah/idolise a little fat Guru with frizzy hair. Yes I have been on a few dates. The Burka might be a pretty shade of powder blue, but that doesn't give you the right to beat the occupant. And I won't require you to take a ritual bath if you menstruate.
Only ask me if you have a strong stomach .... IF you invade Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe, AND refuse to sell off school playing fields, you can be My Hero. If you whine and bitch about Tony Blair and George Bush, just be clear what it is you're complaining about. If I was too lazy, poor, corrupt, tribal, or terrified to fight thugs, I would beg and pray for practical help. How it's done is another matter.
Indistinguishable, though my hair looks silly in the morning and I am ageing rapidly, more salt than pepper now, hurry. No actual disabilities only my inability to do crosswords, maybe more Omega-3 oil. And I cry easily. Oh and foaming at the mouth when I hear people with PhD's and Dentists call themselves Doctor. And Estate Agents use the term Home. And uptalk.
Languages Spoken:
I could only speak French till I was 6, then was put in an English speaking school - in Quebec, ... and very quickly learnt English. I can still speak Latin though, look - Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, Amatis, Amant. Amazing how many on here claim to speak, and therefore are fluent in, French, Sign, and Swahili. Strange. And impressive. They have also mastered an orchestra of musical instruments.
Musical Instruments played:
Totally tone deaf, so why have I always been mesmerised by Gregorian chants, cathedrals, musical theory, astronomy, and celestial navigation ? Probably because middle C multiplied by 44 octaves will actually manifest the colour green, the complement of red, which is ruled by Mars, which ......
Music Enjoyed:
I actually do get internally carried away by Music, but usually because there was nothing on Radio 4. I do try and record Jools Holland, but there's never any space after documentaries on the Dead Sea Scrolls and female circumcision. The only Muzac I want through my walls and in my garden is rustling leaves, rain, and bumble bees. No, wind chimes are not charming. Noone's heard of Zydeco anyway.
Sports and exercise:
I'd rather pull out splinters than watch Sport. I genuinely liked hiking down from an afternoon in Snowdonia to The Good Life in my Hovel in the Hills as it was snowing and getting dark, but quite honestly it was always an effort. Not enough Boron/Magnesium and T3. I did think I would ski all my life after that school trip when I was 13. What a waste.
Interests and activities:
Ahhh well, when I retire I will be completely changing the way mainstream Medicine is practised, instigating in depth Astrological Psychology Reports into the Court system, working for Amnesty, going on Digs, living Dowsing, learning vegetarian Cooking, one last go at Dancing, visiting European festivals, trying to Sculpt, getting out my Toy soldiers, and exploring Parish Churches. When I retire.
Animals and Pets:
A fulfilled cat who is comfortable in it's felinicity, is like an attractive but shy girl who knows you can see her knickers. Ever noticed how most pet owners and vets just keep on tapping the animals' head ? It's shameful, but most animal lovers have absolutely no idea how to stroke a pet. By the end of it, both of you should be exhausted, wanting more, but knowing you shouldn't spoil it.
Newspapers and magazines:
Independent, Telegraph, Times, Guardian, Mail, New Scientist, and absolutely any gadget or stationery catalogue. So what exactly is wrong with the Daily Mail, probably not only the things your thinking of. Never mind the Daily Mail, why don't more people hate The Beatles or Woody Allen. And why does noone ever mention the obvious, that you can instantly forecast someone is a Daily Express reader.
Only have time to skim Non Fiction this incarnation. Thank goodness for the Womans Hour serial, I remember when it was 20 minutes though. I keep buying shelves for the 600 books I shall never have the lifetimes to read. Sad. Talking of reading what am I to do with just a Smile/Wave/Favourite ? The way it works is you write me a hook to keep the chat going, or I will assume I am just entertainment.
Favourite Films:
In a Black and White film, within two minutes you were hooked. In a film post 1962, after two minutes you couldn't give a damn. Life is just too short to mumble "Let's go and choose a Video", bleat "Oh I never watch TV", bore "God how I hate the Daily Mail", trumpet "I'm a glass half full kinda girl", crow "you can be anything you want if you want it enough", and why would you stuff a mushroom ?
Enjoyable evening out:
If you want to hang out gallivanting with your friends at a Pub or Dinner Party (what is a Night Club anyway), I'll go home, paint a wall, and watch it dry. If we go to the Kinema or Music Hall, you have to guarantee that no one is going to kick/knee the back of my chair, talk, whisper, or let their seat bang, and my ears won't bleed. Having the Doorman salute as we went in would be nice too.
Favourite Dishes:
I'm easy, I could live on stir fry and a pot of rice, and actually do. I'm Bivegetarian, I just haven't come out yet. Anything that doesn't involve gristle, innards, or blubber. And whilst we are feeling queasy ..... No, it isn't one of the most accomplished and iconic Modern Art works of the 20th century, it's a bit of blue paint with a brown line through it.
Ideal Holiday:
Anything and everything that doesn't include just sitting getting a suntan or paying deck chair attendants. Hiking around Mount Rainier near Seattle, somehow avoiding all the tourists poking around Rennes Le Chateau and Poussins' pictures because I had the idea first, or dowsing another Ley Line. And I'd like to ask the Oracle at Delphi a question or two. Failing that anywhere but Lanzarote.
In another life:
Photographer is not a profession, it's a hobby. If I'd known the new G.P. Contract was coming in, a Doctor. If you get a chance to go back, try to rewrite Star Trek's Prime Directive, it has a lot to answer for. Whilst we are on reincarnation, it's truly awe inspiring how many are Spiritual. And incarnate. And on here. If you plan on coming back, will you rip out your own roadside shrine please.
Grand Air Trine - Jupiter/Mercury/Libran Moon = together, very comfortable. Jupiter in 7th = not fulfilled without a partner. Mars in Scorpio in 12th square Pluto, Aquarian Sun square Saturn = you'll need seat belts and the Instruction Manual. An utterly rational suspicion of anyone who ever smoked past those three cigarettes to look cool before the age of 21. Ignore Time and the damage is done.
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