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artistic but working in a large business
I'm 55 and from 'London' - London
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Friends, Social Networking, Romance, Short Term Relationship or Long Term Relationship
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Be free ...
One warm and creative man - seeks a confident (and lovely) woman for great times and an utterly satisfying relationship.

If you are just looking for friendship, we can do that - if you want more (and I feel the same) we can let it develop at whatever speed it goes - I'm not in a hurry!

In an ideal world, we'll fall in love, deeply, found a solid partnership between us and do amazing things together. Somebody told me recently that you normally get what you want - that is what I want(!).

I'm youthful, friendly, dynamic, caring and playful.

I offer enjoyable experiences and great companionship - wherever, whenever - in a foreign city in the late evening, a local market during the day.

I love to explore London, it's galleries and bars, eat good food, take a bike ride, go to a gig, trawl through East End markets - and equally, I love to discover other places that I don't already know - all of these are so much better with a brilliant and playful other.

You ...

You are probably artistic, lively, friendly, tactile, and beautiful; I'd like you even more if you are adventurous, talkative, able to find amusement in the absurd and love life.

I have one 21 year old daughter - and she's obviously a big part of my life - but I'm a free man.

Write if you think we might like each other.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Separated
Has Children Yes - but not living with me
Would like children? Not sure
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 6' 0'' (1.83m)
Religion Agnostic
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Taurus
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education Undergraduate Degree
Eye Colour Blue
Body Type Slim
Politics Centre
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Yes
I work for a large corporate (largely) from home.
I went to an outward bound boarding school - running, kayaking, skiing and sailing - in one of Scotland's most stunningly beautiful and most remote locations - an all boys school. This was great until the hormones kicked in. When we got out, we just went wild - which pretty well sums up the university experience.
My (expatriate) parents and grandparents spent so much time in South-America (before I was born) that I ended up with an open-minded and warm approach to life - consistent with the Argentinian life style, that I have never experienced. This attitude includes a high degree of tolerance, a desire for good times together.
One of my friends believes in 'the religion with the tortoises' ... she might know something that we don't. (A treatise on this religion is available on request).
Have always had friends across the political spectrum - but the harshness of the current government makes it hard to love those on the right.
I'm six foot and friendly.
Languages Spoken:
French, some Italian, fluent Romanian (I spent 5 years there) and some German. Using languages is a pleasure - even if you can only just string together a few concepts. It's great to meet with people on journeys - and strike up those bizarre conversations on diverse subjects which combine an objective of mutual entertainment (in most cases) with an ability to only just understand each other.
Musical Instruments played:
Music Enjoyed:
Something unpredictable or rhythmically brilliant, some classical and some feel good sounds ... I like a really wide variety of music (as long as it seems to have been produced by intelligent beings) and enjoy most new indie bands. Check out
Sports and exercise:
Canoeing, Cycling, Skiing, Tennis, Rowing - I am more lazy than I should be - but am really fit for some unexplained reason. In the distant past, I ran in 40 and 60 mile races ... I can dance for two hours non-stop (if the music is danceable). I used to be a keen canoer (white water) and ski when I get the chance, but mostly I punt with a bottle of wine, a picnic basket and friends on the river.
Interests and activities:
Meeting people... Glasgow, as a student, was unbelievably friendly, I missed it for a long time ('When I first met ye, Jason, I thought you were a right stuck up shite, but you're a'right'). I'm interested in almost everything: London, foreign places, hours in an art gallery, taking pictures, walking around cities, bike rides, punting the Cam, reading the papers in a cafe with friends.
Animals and Pets:
I'm a dog person at heart - but have no pets at the moment.
Newspapers and magazines:
I like almost all magazines as an insight into the vast array of interests and attitudes of the readers. I will happily sit down somewhere with you and a coffee to read all your magazines, newspapers, scientific research - there is no limit to my curiosity - I really am interested in everything ...
I spend most of my time reading for work and far too little for pleasure. If you can recommend me something artfully written and short (or at least not too long) (and yes that is very subjective) (but you know what I mean)(don't you?), I would be most grateful.
Favourite Films:
I try to see films that are stimulating - thought provoking, eye opening, irresistibly funny or simply great observation. Independent or European - some well crafted commercial films that tell a great story. I really like acute analysis of someone or a group and their interactions.
Enjoyable evening out:
I like all the usual things - and I tend to really enjoy the people that I meet. In terms of what most appeals, it can be anywhere and ideally with friends or a lover who likes to make the most of every experience. I'm into art galleries, dancing, fringe/experimental theatre, gigs, European/ind films; and - of course - eating.
Favourite Dishes:
Food is so important - but I prefer to eat to live than the other way around. I love good food - I'm a pescatarian.
Ideal Holiday:
Old cities, places of architectural, natural or historical interest - ideally attractive - or at least memorable. Festivals, galleries ... anything artistic. Socialising with - and joining in with - the locals, playing with companions and strangers, some relaxation on a beach. Cambridge is also great - and you are welcome to share the pleasures of it with me.
In another life:
Doing amazing things appeals. I like Einstein's playfulness, the Dalai Lama is a very cool guy and Elizabeth I must have had an extraordinary insight into the state. Travel writing / being a foreign correspondent would be good for a while. Anyway - if you can just arrange for a warmer, drier country and endow me with music and writing skills at genius level - that would be great.
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