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I'm 48 and from 'Waltham Forest' - , London (Greater) (UK)
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Friends, Social Networking, Romance, Short Term Relationship or Long Term Relationship
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Not really black and white. That's just the photo.
Yonks and yonks ago, I traveled on a big boat from Belgium to far away Britain to eke out a new life as an animator in London and have been working in that industry ever since. The London animation industry is a lovely place to hang out. But it's a bit of a small world, with more men than women. I need to get out of there every now and again. Love and Friends, I'm calling on you.

I've been told I have a dry sense of humour. I beg to differ. What really happened is that people would interpret my matter-of-factly remarks as humour. I fancied myself Wittgenstein, but came out Bozo the Clown.

Despite my artistic background, or maybe because of it, I love everything to do with the sciences, skepticism, critical thinking... In my podcasts collection, you're more likely to find the "Skeptics Guide To The Universe" than "Healing Through Crystals"

I go to the gym on a regular basis, having left my martial arts days behind me and have tried a few times to get into salsa dancing with limited success.

In the weekends you may catch me filling up the memory card of my Nikon D5000 around London.

I love good arthouse cinema, but don't see enough of it.

Not into football, binge drinking or video games.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? Yes
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5' 11'' (1.8m)
Religion Atheist
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Sagittarius
Orientation Straight
Heritage None Selected
Education Prof Quals
Eye Colour None Selected
Body Type Average
Politics Centre-Left
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Not bothered
Half Belgian, half Spanish. So... Belnish? Spangian?
Don't ask me. Like all heterosexual men, I can't tell a good looking man from an ugly one. You be the judge.
Languages Spoken:
Dutch, French, a bit of German and you guessed it, English. My six introduction lessons to Japanese are a long lost memory.
Musical Instruments played:
Somewhere in a corner there's my old keyboard, gathering dust. Poor, poor keyboard.
Music Enjoyed:
On my IPod: Beck, Beastie Boys, Ween, The Fall, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Pole, Leftfield, Lee Perry, Satie. On the radio: BBC 3
Sports and exercise:
Interests and activities:
Computers, Photography
Newspapers and magazines:
Independent, New Scientist.
Favourite Films:
the Incredibles, Spirited Away, Apocalypse now, Citizen Kane, any Iranian film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
Enjoyable evening out:
Art Gallery, Cinema, Meal, Wine bar, Theatre
Favourite Dishes:
Handmade Pizza, Bento Box. Mediterranean food. If it doesn't kill me, I'll try it.
Ideal Holiday:
Learning to paint in Provence, Driving across the US
In another life:
If I came back as someone else. I wouldn't be me anymore. This question is clearly based on a wrong assumption and as such can not be answered in a meaningful way.
Cautious, Creative, Intellectual, Thoughtful
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