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I'm 58 and from 'Woking' - Guildford, Surrey, South East (UK)
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Friends, Romance or Long Term Relationship
[Last logged on : quite some time ago]
Do you like to tease and be teased? :)
My best friends are people who laugh at themselves, are curious about themselves and others, are always learning something new, and are happy to talk openly for hours -- and I would like to think that that describes me too.

I don't take myself too seriously. I like to laugh at my inconsistencies.

What I do for fun...

I love watching the enlightening, informative, and entertaining talks at -- so much so that I co-organised a TEDx event and gave one of the talks there, in front of 600 people, including my 2 sons who were on the front row. (They live overseas.)

I love watching movies -- from box office hits to indie and foreign films -- but I'm not keen on most of what's on TV. (I watch 1-2 hours a week.)

I also love chatting with friends, attending Meetups in London, going for walks, eating out, listening to music, attending music concerts, playing table tennis occasionally, swimming, 10 minutes of daily HIIT (high intensity interval training), and so on.

I've done some adventurous things in the past like climbing Kilimanjaro, bungee jumping, scuba diving in the Maldives, tandem skydiving at Key West, Florida -- and my life is a bit more sedate now!

I've also published 3 non-fiction books (see photo with blurred text for anonymity) with more in the works.

Why I joined this site...

I am looking for a best friend who will also be my life partner. Someone who is comfortable with themselves; who loves long, deep conversations about life, what makes people tick, how to make the most of our time on this planet, and more. Someone who sees life as an adventure, who likes to learn new things, and is happy to change their opinions when faced with new information and experience.

A woman who realises that a truly great relationship doesn't just happen: it takes constant feeding; who is interested in my dreams and ambitions, and happy to share hers with me.

If this is you, I'd love to hear from you!
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Basic Info
Marital Status Divorced
Has Children Yes - but not living with me
Would like children? No
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5' 6'' (1.67m)
Religion Atheist
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Virgo
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education Undergraduate Degree
Eye Colour Blue
Body Type Slim
Politics None Selected
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Not bothered
I mostly help consultants, therapists, trainers, etc get more business by rewriting their marketing material, helping them create a thin paperback book & ebook, and more. I also do some mentoring, life coaching, and counselling. In the past I've run seminars in the UK, USA and Australia. I love to write. I used to publish a paid-for printed newsletter for 4 years in the area of personal growth.
I did my degree in Business Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University -- and had a blast working for 4 months in Paris on a placement. I am a voracious learner: I have spent a small fortune on seminars, workshops, books, CD sets and more in the area of personal and business development.
I was born a Catholic, stopped going to church regularly in my teens, abandoned Christianity in my 20s, started describing myself as spiritual, but now, after much reflection and reading, I'm pretty much an atheist and, as a result, feel even more inspired to make the very most of this one life I have.
I have little interest in politics.
Probably through luck more than anything, I look younger than my age. (The photo with my books was taken in October 2015.)
Languages Spoken:
French. I spent one summer working in a shoe shop in the centre of Paris, which was a lot of fun. My French got quite good during that time but I'm very rusty now.
Musical Instruments played:
When I was younger I used to spend hours fiddling around with a synthesiser, and also trying out a harmonica too, playing along to the likes of Tubular Bells, simple classical melodies, and the like. I wasn't very good! Last year I had some singing lessons, which was fun. I'd love to try karaoke sometime -- in front of a small and very forgiving crowd!
Music Enjoyed:
Contemporary Classical (like Philip Glass and some Michael Nyman), Folk (Iron and Wine), Pop, Soft Rock, World Music. I adore music. I enjoy rating my favourite songs in iTunes and playing my 5-star songs. Artists I love include Rufus Wainwright, Cocteau Twins, and The National. And I love discovering artists that are less well known such as I Am Arrows, and The Boy Least Likely To!!
Sports and exercise:
I'm not at all sporty, and am not interested in watching it on TV or live. Many years ago I climbed Kilimanjaro, and I did a tandem skydive. I play table tennis occasionally. I have bits of equipment I use at home to keep fit such as a heavy kettle bell.
Interests and activities:
Computers, Internet, Photography, Reading, Writing, I love taking photos, editing them, and putting them on one of my websites to share with family and friends mainly. I read a lot, and I write articles and blog posts on psychology, motivation, relationships, etc. I love watching movies at home and at the cinema with friends.
Animals and Pets:
I have never had any pets, though I enjoy being around cats and dogs.
Newspapers and magazines:
I catch up on the news by surfing The Guardian's website on my iPhone or iPad while travelling or in spare moments. I read mainly the Culture Section of The Sunday Times.
I tend to read a lot of books on human behaviour: why we lie, willpower, how we decide to do things, how our brain fools us, and so on. I'm very amused trying some of the exercises and falling for the 'trick' questions which expose my foibles. The books help me laugh at myself more. For lighter relief I've read several books by Harlan Coben: great page turners.
Favourite Films:
I adore Groundhog Day. I also love It's A Wonderful Life, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, After The Wedding, 12 Angry Men, and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies like Friends With Kids, and Dan In Real Life.
Enjoyable evening out:
I like to have a meal, a great chat, then watch a new movie at the cinema. I love seeing a show in the West End. I also like lounging in a coffee shop, chatting with a pal.
Favourite Dishes:
I adore Thai food. And I love Indian cooking. I tend to avoid Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays and the like!
Ideal Holiday:
Backpacking in the Himalayas. My last holiday was a week in Nepal, and I loved visiting Pokhara. I am also happy lying on a beach or by a pool, as long as I have a stack of books to read on my Kindle!
In another life:
I would love to be Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius' teacher -- or Seneca, the Roman Stoic: boy, could he write! :) But I'm also happy being myself.
Affectionate, Ambitious, Caring, Cheerful, Confident, Creative, Eccentric, Friendly, Independent, Loving, Optimistic, Practical, Proactive, Romantic, Serious, Sociable, Thoughtful
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