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Green building design consultant
I'm 65 and from 'Herefordshire' - Hereford, Herefordshire, South West (UK)
I'm looking for a woman
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Slim scientist seeks soulmate
I'm a cheapskate 'free member' so please use your initiative rather than tagging or liking me; thanks.
I'm a slim, fit 5'9" = 1.75 m and 10 st=63 kg. Environmentalist, scientist, member of Green Party, FoE, etc. I run a green building design consultancy, write articles and books, etc, built my own house with a lot of paid help. I adore gourmet food, hot sun, gardening, classical/folk music.
My politics are left-wing on the economy but overall maverick, e.g. on most things I'd vote with the Greens or Lib.Dems. I no longer buy papers but read Private Eye cover to cover. Plus non-fiction books. I listen to R4 and used to watch a little BBC TV but I watch material on Youtube which on the whole is more interesting. I adore comedy; I mean the satire and wit more than the slapstick.
I've been eco-minded all my life; well, since 17. After attending Sheffield and then Cambridge univs I've worked on a range of national environmental science and construction initiatives. All the time, I've remained a hard-nosed scientist.
I tend to have strong views, one way or the other, on many things. I'm fundamentally a bit of a rebel, likely to stand up and fight for my beliefs when others acquiesce.
I’m single & independently-minded, with a widely-spread circle of like-minded friends. But I'd like to find a 'special person' or 'adult playmate'. She's probably also a rebel, age 40s/50s/60s I assume, seeking someone to share some of life’s pleasures & challenges, probably long term but that's not an absolute. She's hopefully as liberal and broad-minded as me and equally independent, with a questioning attitude to 'authority'.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? No
Hair Color Grey
Height 5' 9'' (1.75m)
Religion Not Interested in Religion
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences Vegetarian
Star Sign Cancer
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education PhD
Eye Colour Brown
Body Type Slim
Politics Green
Drinks Regular drinker
Like Animals Yes
Expert in the field of green buildings and related technology. Finishing off a pioneering solar house, see
Scientific background, environmental and green energy work since university (which was Sheffield followed by Cambridge).
French father, from Normandy. English mother, with roots in Wales, Shropshire and the W Midlands generally, possibly with traces of East Anglia, Ireland or Scotland. The French peasantry plus the Birmingham bourgeoisie, one could say. But I was brought up 100% English, not bilingual. My surname Olivier is said to be Greek or Roman, so I'm pretty exotic compared to some. (No DNA test as yet.)
A fairly rational, scientific, secular view of the world. I was brought up as a Quaker but 'lost my faith' - or rather the rest of it, given how liberal Quakers are - at about 16. I'm surprised it's taking so long to spread. Atheists don't have any certainty but they do sift the evidence. We can't be sure of course and I'd never be as dogmatic as Dawkins, maybe more like Hawking.
Basically a socialist, but libertarian not authoritarian. I left Labour for the Greens 30 years ago. On civil liberties or the EU I always side with the Lib.Dems, not Labour. It's the same on local democracy. I think England needs the devolution other countries have. I found myself slowly becoming, goodness, a Euro-federalist. I still hope the UK avoids leaving the EU but I can't quite see how.
Always a tanned complexion, even living in England. Hair mostly grey nowadays. The beard's still mostly dark brown. It's a fixture I'd say; it's been there since I was 20. I'm just pointing this out; some women do ask and most either love or hate beards. It's not scratchy, because it's not kept short like 'designer stubble'!
Languages Spoken:
French, German, Moderate French, limited German. I wish it was more. Others in the rest of Europe invariably speak better English than I speak their language and the conversation soon switches to English, although in France that takes longer and you're expected to make a real effort first.
Musical Instruments played:
Mouth organ. Learning to play the melodeon but short of time.
Music Enjoyed:
Above all, classical & folk. Very eclectic yet choosy tastes from Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, some of the Beatles plus more music of that time back to Beethoven, Bach and beyond. I rarely tire of Purcell, Telemann, Handel, Mozart and other 18th.C European music on original instruments, especially featuring trumpets. Elgar too, to name a more recent one. I find atonal music 'difficult', to be polite.
Sports and exercise:
I used to cycle a lot to get from A to B, not as a sport. It made me very fit. I enjoy swimming in warm non-chlorinated water so it's not on here! School soon removed any liking for team sports, e.g. rugby and cricket ... aargh. My only known prowess was at table tennis but I haven't played for a while. I was good at cross-country running at school but didn't like it.
Interests and activities:
Countryside, gardening, reading, walking, mountains, pubs, reading, travel, eating out, fond of visiting gardens and some stately homes. I regard my career and the benefits to the environment as having benefits on a similar scale to voluntary work. I do a lot of unpaid or poorly-paid work in time when many would be earning a living to keep up with the 'rat race'.
Animals and Pets:
No pets at present but I'm very fond of cats. I dislike some dogs, sorry to say, having been bitten by no less than four of them during my life, mostly when I was quite young. I tolerate the calmer dogs with no problem.
Newspapers and magazines:
New Scientist (occasionally), Private Eye (every fortnight). Telegraph, Guardian, New York Times, Economist and Spectator (online, regularly). Have filled in the boxes but I usually read them online. Except for good old Private Eye which is still print only.
Bryson, Murphy, Orwell probably. I'd also take lots which aren't listed. I'm an avid reader when time permits of non-fiction, from political diaries, memoirs and autobiographies to pyschology and European history. I find real life more interesting and sometimes less believable than novels. 'You couldn't make it up', as with current UK politics on 'leaving' the EU: what a farce.
Favourite Films:
Gone with the Wind, Casablanca. But I confess to not being a great film watcher and I don't even know what some of the above are about. OTOH I can repeatedly watch the truly wonderful Life of Brian.
Enjoyable evening out:
Pub, restaurant meal. Too few theatres/art galleries near here I'm afraid.
Favourite Dishes:
Tomato and mozarella salad, Mediterranean vegetables and Ricotta wrapped in filo. This list is too short. A while back, we found a Puglian restaurant on a work trip to Austria where the menu was twice this length. A stew of giant beans in a tomato- and garlic-rich sauce, containing other veg., washed down with red wine ... yum ...
Ideal Holiday:
I'd rather go walking in Provence, Italy or another warm-ish climate. The weather can rarely be too hot for me. Or bits of the Appalachian Trail? Bryson's 'A Walk in the Woods' was inspiring & amusing. I'll probably confine 99% of my remaining travel to Europe to keep down the carbon footprint but I don't rule out NZ, Indo-China and a few others in Asia; any companions?
In another life:
Me again, a cat, a tree, a doctor, Einstein. Or a different professional career from the one I've followed but still from the viewpoint of a rebel. I admire human rights lawyers who fight for their clients' freedom; e.g., Clive Stafford-Smith. Ditto doctors who deal with chronic cases on which the NHS abandons hope and who go to Syria to save war victims' lives. Heroes, all of them.
Affectionate, Adventurous, Ambitious, Caring, Cautious, Creative, Different, Friendly, Generous, gregarious, independent, intellectual, reliable, sensitive, sensual, serious, sociable, strong willed, thoughtful, tolerant, affectionate, ambitious, adventurous, cautious, caring, mostly cheerful, creative, different, friendly, generous, gregarious, independent, intellectual, moody(sometimes).
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