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The Romance Rainbow! Your perfect colours for love?

So, we’ve been over the basics on what to wear on a date before: keep it smart but comfortable, don’t bare too much flesh, make sure it’s CLEA

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Men want beauty, women want wealth
When looking for a partner, women are more likely to choose a man who is wealthy, while men are attracted to women who are attractive.
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Queen and Duke celebrate diamond anniversary
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were this week celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.
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The secret of happiness
It's often seen as something elusive and indefinable, which starts to disappear if you try to pin down its source or nature.
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Economy 'takes its toll' on search for love
The dire economic situation in England and the US is taking its toll on the search for love, according to an expert.
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Names 'important' in online dating
New research reveals that men and women looking for love on the internet are more likely to find a potential partner by using an appealing alias.
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Study: Men look for beauty, while women want riche
Men look for beauty, while women are more drawn to a man's bank balance when looking for their ideal partner, according to a new survey.
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Brits healthier and wealthier, but not happier
Britons today may live longer, have more money and possess more things, but they are no happier than they were 20 years ago, according to new research.
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