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Secrets of Lasting Couples: Part 2
Following on from our first article on "Lasting Couples" - here are five more attributes that are common in many happy longstanding relationships:
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Men want beauty, women want wealth
When looking for a partner, women are more likely to choose a man who is wealthy, while men are attracted to women who are attractive.
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A helping hand for cheaters
Cheating on a partner can be a shady business, and a company in France has decided to exploit this gap in the market by helping cheaters cover their tracks.
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Lily pens song for "soulmate" James Corden
New best friends Lily Allen and James Corden are getting on like a house on fire,
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Cuff luck
In an effort to put the spark back into their relationship, a couple ended up getting the emergency services involved.
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Star-crossword lovers
Aric Egmont wanted to propose to his girlfriend Jenny Bass in an original way that they could remember always and he opted to do it if the form of a crossword.
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Man rises to challenge to win love's hand
When Jonathan Horwath decided that he wanted to marry girlfriend Katherine Corner, her family set him a challenge - to run the Great North Run.
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