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Dating Detox designed to help "toxic singles"
There are 13 million singletons in the UK.
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Swan love flourishes after pedalo romance
A swan who fell in love with a pedal boat, making international headlines, has finally fallen for a creature of her own kind.
search on: Swan-love-flourishes-pedalo-romance
Men's dating pitfalls
A marriage counsellor has revealed the top five mistakes men unwittingly make in their relations with the fairer sex.
search on: Mens-dating-pitfalls
End of the road for Marc and Cerys
Singer Cerys Matthews and actor Marc Bannerman will not become the next Jordan and Peter Andre as the jungle pair have split up, according to reports.
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McConaughey 'won't marry' model girlfriend
Hollywood heartthrob Matthew McConaughey has revealed he has no plans to marry his long-term girlfriend.
search on: McConaughey-'won't-marry'-model-girlfriend
Women dwell on distress, while men turn to drink
When women are upset, they dwell on their negative emotions while men find some way of distracting from it, according to new research.
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Women feel happy when their husband or partner is upset
New research suggests that women feel happy when they see their husband or partner upset.
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