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Women rejecting the new man
Having taken centuries to achieve a greater gender balance and narrow the gaps between the sexes, women are no longer opting for men who are sensitive and take care of their appearance.
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The Miranda complex: women and their money
The theory that single woman are scaring off men with their success is gaining weight, resulting in a generation of women who feel they must be secretive about their salary.
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Today's young women - catch them if you can
Young women today are said to fall into four categories and determining what type of woman you have your eye is can help you decide the ideal date to woo her.
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Breaking out of relationship ruts
Relationships can fall into a rut. Deciding how to deal with a problem and add a fresh spark into your romance can be helped by identifying what type of rut you are in and acting accordingly.
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What we really want in a partner
While men and women often assume that people will not find them attractive unless they live up to the stereotype of an ideal man or woman, a new survey has shown that this may not be the case.
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Men do the talking
While women are often stereotyped as having the ability to chat endlessly, new research indicates that it is in fact men who are the biggest chatterboxes.
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Blondes turn men stupid
For decades blondes have been associated with being dumb, but a new study has shown that it is men who turn silly when confronted by a stunning blonde.
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Bride and groom in different continents marry
A solider based in Basra has married his girlfriend in a ceremony which took place with the couple thousands of miles apart.
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