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The importance of being a social butterfly in your hunt for love

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Rethinking dating
People may have the wrong idea when it comes to dating techniques, a relationships expert has claimed.
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Men get down on their Japan-knees for forgiveness
A group of men in Japan, recognising their wives and partners are reaching the ends of their tether have taken action to win them back.
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Leap year proposals
It is just a little over two months until the day on which it becomes women's turn to propose is upon us.
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Singles more laid-back about finances
Smug marrieds have a new reason to feel self-satisfied as new research reveals single people are utterly blase about such small matters as the economy.
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Find Everlasting Love - Now!

You are an independent person but, like all human beings, you have a need for intimacy, and an intimate relationship is maybe the best way for you to feel really fulfilled. However, it is all very

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Not my type
A dating expert has been exploring how our personality can shape our relationship.
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Survey reveals true cost of love
The average Brit spends over 70 on Valentine's Day, a new study has revealed.
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