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Action prompts for successful dating

Mary Balfour gives some hot tips for successful dating gained from over ten years experience of running two of the country''s
best known personal introduction agencies . Click on any section h

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Making long-distance love work
While building a relationship can be difficult, as both partners make time for each other in their lives, doing it with miles between you can make it even more of a challenge. Here are some tips for k...
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Learning lessons from love
Learning lessons in your relationship and how to relate to your partner can make your love last and give you a better understanding about what's important in life.
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Tips for live-in lovers
Living together can lead to a relationship quickly becoming mundane and everyday, but relationships expert Laura Berman told the Sun Times some tips to keep the magic alive.
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Making a success of online dating
Internet dating is a great way to meet people who share the same interests, but it can feel daunting initially. BestSyndication give some tips on how to make the best impression online.
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Keeping your relationship sexy
The buzz in a relationship can fade over time, as things become more day-to-day and the pressures of work and life in general bring the honeymoon period to an end.
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Planning your proposal
Getting the proposal right is something of a worry for men seeking the hand in marriage of their loved one. Here are some tips to ensure you create the perfect moment, from the Star Telegram.
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Making love last
All couples have difficult times and challenges to overcome, and some may not last the test of time. But relationship expert Dr Gail Saltz told Today some tips for holding a relationship together and ...
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