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Keeping It Real

I haven''''t had the best luck with phones; my most recent telephonic debacle led me to the ground floor of Selfridges

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Secrets of Lasting Couples: Part 2
Following on from our first article on "Lasting Couples" - here are five more attributes that are common in many happy longstanding relationships:
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Why spending time together is important
Jeff Herring, a relationship expert, told McClatchy Newspapers why it is important couples makes time for each other and work around the pressures of family and work life.
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Bill Roache's girlfriend, 43, says 'He's got this twinkle' as she struggles to keep up with the 79 year-old
Last month Bill admitted he'd slept with around 1,000 women at the height of his fame on Coronation Street. Now his current girlfriend has gone some way to explaining why Bill has been so successful w...
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Internet taking up couples' together time
Is your love life lacking? If so then there is a chance all your problems could be solved simply by switching off the computer.
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Couple to scale mountain, naked
A couple from Bedfordshire have come up with a great way of dating: they climb mountains naked.
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Message in a bottle to couple with same anniversar
After marrying on a beach on August 18th, Melody Kloska and Matt Behrs put their wedding vows in a bottle and sent it out into Lake Michigan.
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Online dating a hit with Muslims
Online dating is taking off among British Asians as a way to meet like-minded people without many of the pressures associated with face-to-face dating.
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