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Clooney starting to swoon
George Clooney seems to have found love with a lucky young lady, Sarah Larson, who won Fear Factor.
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43% of UK Men donít mind paying to help land a Dream Date
Divorced men are back on the dating picture and are determined to find next Mrs. Right as per the latest survey results.
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Wannabe chefs in kitchen mishaps
Sometimes the way to a man or woman's heart is through his or her stomach, but research shows that Britain is turning into a nation of kitchen klutzes.
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Is the end in sight?
A new survey has revealed some tell-tale signs which indicate whether a relationship is on the rocks.
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Couples taking baby-making holidays
The latest hot travel trend sweeping the nation is procreation holidays.
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Electronic end to relationships
Improvements in technology are affording daters innovative new ways to ditch their partners, it has been revealed.
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Men becoming 'more body conscious'
It's not just the girls that care about what they look like on the beach, but men are becoming increasingly beach-bod conscious, according to new research.
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Brits have holiday lovers' tiffs
As the holiday season draws in, many UK couples will spend their time abroad squabbling rather than staring lovingly into each other's eyes, according to a new survey.
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