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Why spending time together is important
Jeff Herring, a relationship expert, told McClatchy Newspapers why it is important couples makes time for each other and work around the pressures of family and work life.
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Man who sold everything on eBay buys a Carribean island and finds new love
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Separate bank accounts - the key to relationship l
Financial issues are one of the biggest causes of arguments amongst couples, it has been revealed.
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Internet taking up couples' together time
Is your love life lacking? If so then there is a chance all your problems could be solved simply by switching off the computer.
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Men choosing cars over women
Men in the UK are spending more time pampering their cars than the women in their lives.
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Partners not spending enough on each other
People are not spending enough on the one they love and could risk losing them if they don't step up their game, according to a new survey by Abbey.
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What makes women happy
Men have always had difficulty understanding what women want, but a new survey may help them to deliver the love in their life what it is they most desire, both in the long and short term.
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Humour top turn-on for women
If a man wants to impress a woman, there is no better way of doing it than making her laugh, a new poll has revealed.
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