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Keeping It Real

I haven''''t had the best luck with phones; my most recent telephonic debacle led me to the ground floor of Selfridges

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Valentine's Masquerade Party in Mayfair
Join many singles across London and beyond at another Exclusive setting for Elect Club at No. 41 Mayfair...
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Love on the rocks
When soldier Shaun Mancinelli proposed to his girlfriend Llian Randall on an island off the Welsh coast last week, she got more than she bargained for when the couple had to be rescued.
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Man who sold everything on eBay buys a Carribean island and finds new love
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A&E romance books top the chart
Fiction which unfolds in the emergency room is the favourite of romantic readers, it has been revealed.
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Bride and groom in different continents marry
A solider based in Basra has married his girlfriend in a ceremony which took place with the couple thousands of miles apart.
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UK govt: Send roses to loved ones from Kenya
The UK government is reminding shoppers for this year's Valentine's Day to buy roses from a more environmentally-friendly source such as Kenya, to both cut down on emissions and to help the ...
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In love and war
It is one of the romantic love stories there could be. A British nurse is set to marry the soldier love she helped to save from near death.
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