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Valentine's Masquerade Party in Mayfair
Join many singles across London and beyond at another Exclusive setting for Elect Club at No. 41 Mayfair...
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Sexy soap moments
Erotic soap moments are doing it for couples the nation over. And some sexy clinches have made the history books.
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Women marrying later and later

According to the Office For National Statistics, the age at which British women marry for the first time has been climbing. Most interestingly, the number getting married for the first time in thei

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Keeping your relationship sexy
The buzz in a relationship can fade over time, as things become more day-to-day and the pressures of work and life in general bring the honeymoon period to an end.
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Married couples missing out on passion
The romantic and sex lives of couples are said to dwindle as soon as they settle down into marriage.
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Scots in the sack
One of the biggest surveys in Scotland has revealed secrets from under the duvet in the country famed for kilts and cold weather.
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Hips not you, it's me
A woman's swaying hips can actually serve to ward off the attentions of men, a new study has revealed.
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You look fly, son!
Attractive fathers produce attractive sons, in the insect world at least, new research has shown.
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