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Uncover the Secrets of Lasting Couples
Relationships are never easy. And the longer you stay in a relationship, the easier it is to drift into routine, killing the original romance.
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Secrets of Lasting Couples: Part 2
Following on from our first article on "Lasting Couples" - here are five more attributes that are common in many happy longstanding relationships:
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10 Dos and Donts Of Grown Up Dating
Every week for a year, Ursula Hirschkorn writing the dating column for the Daily Mailís Weekend magazine, learnt the deepest secrets of Britainís lonely hearts.
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Happy couple offer pointers after 65 years of marr
A couple who have been married for 65 years have shared their secrets of success.
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Scots in the sack
One of the biggest surveys in Scotland has revealed secrets from under the duvet in the country famed for kilts and cold weather.
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Draper reveals secrets of healthy relationships
Derek Draper has revealed his wife - GMTV presenter Kate Garraway - gets irate when he inadvertently goes into 'therapist mode'.
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Study aims to understand love
Popular psychologist Dr Raj Persaud is inviting seeking participants for an online experiment designed to unlock the secrets of love.
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Loved up seniors share secrets of staying power
A global study of couples who have been together for fifty or more years unlocks the secrets of long-term marital bliss.
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