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43% of UK Men donít mind paying to help land a Dream Date
Divorced men are back on the dating picture and are determined to find next Mrs. Right as per the latest survey results.
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25% of UK women dating three men at once
A new study has revealed a quarter of young British women are dating at least three men at once.
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National Kissing Statistics
Only five per cent of over 45s manage more than 30 kisses a week
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New Year, new dating chapter
This time of year traditionally brings a boom in online dating activity, as singles seek new prospects for the New Year.
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Singles more laid-back about finances
Smug marrieds have a new reason to feel self-satisfied as new research reveals single people are utterly blase about such small matters as the economy.
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Getting to know you?
First impressions count and so do first questions.
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Draper reveals secrets of healthy relationships
Derek Draper has revealed his wife - GMTV presenter Kate Garraway - gets irate when he inadvertently goes into 'therapist mode'.
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Men becoming 'more body conscious'
It's not just the girls that care about what they look like on the beach, but men are becoming increasingly beach-bod conscious, according to new research.
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