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Heartbreak more acute for some ethnic backgrounds
Americans of European origin are less likely to cope with negative events such as heartbreak compared to their counterparts from Asian backgrounds.
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Making love last
All couples have difficult times and challenges to overcome, and some may not last the test of time. But relationship expert Dr Gail Saltz told Today some tips for holding a relationship together and ...
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Couples 'should equal out talk time'
Women should keep quiet if they want people to look favourably on their relationship, a new survey has suggested.
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Keeping your relationship balanced
The honeymoon period of a relationship usually means that all a couple wants to do is see one another. You just can't get enough of each other.
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Relationships suffer from financial strain
Around 16 per cent of Britons feel financial problems have had a negative impact on their relationship, according to a new study.
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Study takes more rounded view of teen sex
A new study has traced the evolution of teenage attitudes to sex.
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Women 'feel negative after one-night stands'
The female of the species has not adapted to the concept of the one-night stand, despite the effects of the sexual revolution, according to scientists.
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Teri's 'like a teenager in love'
Desperate Housewives actress is allegedly dating former Sex and the City star Jason Lewis, according to reports by Marie Claire.
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