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Death defying climber misses girlfriend's birthday
When it comes to excuses for missing your birthday, this has got to rank pretty highly.
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Britain's greenest wedding
The nuptials of two climate change campaigners this weekend is thought to be Britain's most environmentally friendly wedding ever.
search on: Britain-greenest-wedding
Internet taking up couples' together time
Is your love life lacking? If so then there is a chance all your problems could be solved simply by switching off the computer.
search on: Internet-taking-up-couples'-together-time
Married couples missing out on passion
The romantic and sex lives of couples are said to dwindle as soon as they settle down into marriage.
search on: Married-couples-missing-out-passion
Americans getting no love
A huge 20 million marriages in the US are sexless, according to the results of a new survey.
search on: Americans-getting-love
Sienna discovers 'the joy of text'
British actress Sienna Miller is so loved-up that she is finding it hard being away from her boyfriend Rhys Ifans.
search on: Sienna-discovers-'the-joy-text'
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