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Tips for live-in lovers
Living together can lead to a relationship quickly becoming mundane and everyday, but relationships expert Laura Berman told the Sun Times some tips to keep the magic alive.
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Keeping your relationship sexy
The buzz in a relationship can fade over time, as things become more day-to-day and the pressures of work and life in general bring the honeymoon period to an end.
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May: the month of lovers
May is the month of romance for British couples, according to a tourism expert.
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Star-crossword lovers
Aric Egmont wanted to propose to his girlfriend Jenny Bass in an original way that they could remember always and he opted to do it if the form of a crossword.
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Orlando adds to Hollywood hotlist of lovers
The hottest young actor to come out of the UK in some time has bagged a Hollywood star, according to reports.
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Text and romance
Texting has become one of the most popular methods of flirting and research by shows how texts are affecting our love lives and our pockets.
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Men making the moves
It seems that chivalry is not dead, at least in the world of online dating, a new survey has shown.
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Love letter falling out of favour
Lovers are failing to communicate by the most old-fashioned means in the book.
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