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Valentine's Masquerade Party in Mayfair
Join many singles across London and beyond at another Exclusive setting for Elect Club at No. 41 Mayfair...
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Bridget Jones gets no love from Beatle
Sir Paul McCartney has denied speculation that he has been dating Bridget Jones's Diary star Renee Zellweger.
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Can't take my eyes off you
Whether sizing up a rival or searching for a mate, our attention gets stuck on attractive people, a new study has revealed.
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Women marrying later and later

According to the Office For National Statistics, the age at which British women marry for the first time has been climbing. Most interestingly, the number getting married for the first time in thei

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Politician calls for marriage time limit
As many people take marriage less seriously and see it less as a life-long commitment, Germans may be offered a get-out clause if a politician gets her way.
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Marc and Cerys 'rekindle their jungle romance'
I'm a Celebrity stars Marc Bannerman and Cerys Matthews have apparently rekindled their jungle romance.
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The Miranda complex: women and their money
The theory that single woman are scaring off men with their success is gaining weight, resulting in a generation of women who feel they must be secretive about their salary.
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Couples mimic health habits
If one member of a couple exercises, quits smoking, stops drinking alcohol or gets a vaccine or screen, the other member is more likely to follow suit and do the same.
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