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Ulrika Johnson pregnant by fourth father
TV presenter Ulrika Johnson has announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child. And this will be the fourth man the serial-dater has had a child with.
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Getting to know you?
First impressions count and so do first questions.
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Draper reveals secrets of healthy relationships
Derek Draper has revealed his wife - GMTV presenter Kate Garraway - gets irate when he inadvertently goes into 'therapist mode'.
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Men's dating pitfalls
A marriage counsellor has revealed the top five mistakes men unwittingly make in their relations with the fairer sex.
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Men 'forking out more' for dates
It may be the 21st century but traditionalist views about the dating game still remain, according to a new survey.
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Coleen is top fashion icon for Brit women
Coleen McLoughlin is the top style icon for British females, according to a new survey.
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Men's declarations of love
Smitten men declare their love for their Miss Rights in the early days of a relationship, new research reveals.
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Most desirable Olympians revealed
As the Summer Olympics fast approaches, gay people in the UK have revealed which athletes they would most like to go on a date with.
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