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Women want weedy guys for long-term love
Women want men who are less manly and more weedy when it comes to finding a partner for marriage, a new survey by the University of Durham has revealed.
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Nice guys finish last
It's official: women the world over are drawn to bad boys, according to scientific research.
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UK workplaces 'full of romance'
Love is more rife in British workplaces than it is in many offices across Europe, according to a new survey.
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British women 'love stubbly men'
British women prefer men with stubble because they are deemed to be more macho, according to a new survey.
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Brits having workplace affairs
Britons are spending increasingly long hours at work and socialising even more with their colleagues and this has led to a significant number of workplace crushes, according to a new survey.
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Flings more likely on hen nights than stag nights
Women are more likely to cheat on their other half on their hen nights than men are on their stag nights, according to a new survey.
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It's all in the face
Men are more attracted to women who want a fling, while the girls prefer men who are looking for a long-term commitment, according to new scientific research.
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Women find scarred faces sexiest for flings
Men with scars are the most attractive for women looking for a sexy fling, according to new research.
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