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Woman turns down 150th suitor
Plenty more fish in the sea? Not for this woman, who has rejected the advances of 150 men.
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Man who sold everything on eBay buys a Carribean island and finds new love
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25% of UK women dating three men at once
A new study has revealed a quarter of young British women are dating at least three men at once.
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Kirsten finds love in rehab
In proof that you can find love anywhere, actress Kirsten Dunst has started dating a man while in rehab, according to reports.
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Denise finds love with Joseph star
Love blossomed on the set of Any Dream Will Do last year between one of the judges and the eventual winner.
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Britney finds love with old friend
Women seem to love bad boys and Britney Spears has been no different until now.
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Men more likely to 'date the boss'
In this time of economic uncertainty, a new survey finds that one in five employees said they would flirt with their superior if it meant they were more likely to get a promotion.
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Canadian wife-seeker finds love
A Canadian man who launched a quest to find a wife on the internet has found true love, according to media reports.
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