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Learning lessons from love
Learning lessons in your relationship and how to relate to your partner can make your love last and give you a better understanding about what's important in life.
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Young Irish women earning more than their partners
The Economic and Social Research Institute in collaboration with University College Dublin has revealed that women in young couples in Ireland are increasingly likely to earn more money and have a bet...
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What women want: more than just good looks
A man with a great personality and good sense of humour is more attractive than one who is just good to look at, according to a survey.
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Russell Brand 'considering settling down'
Comedian Russell Brand likes big girls and wants to settle down someday, according to media reports.
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Arranged marriages to air on British TV
The Asian tradition of arranged marriages will be gracing our screens, as Arrange Me a Marriage comes to BBC2 next month.
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Seven year itch down to five
Married couples are most likely to divorce just before their fifth wedding anniversary, new research has shown.
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Unwashed man divorced by wife
A woman in Egypt has filed for divorce because her husband will not take a shower.
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Dolphins make generous partners
When it comes to wooing your mate through the art of gift-giving, who would have thought that dolphins were in on the act.
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