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Death defying climber misses girlfriend's birthday
When it comes to excuses for missing your birthday, this has got to rank pretty highly.
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Man who sold everything on eBay buys a Carribean island and finds new love
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Marines' love battle: After death of one, BOTH surviving comrades gave solace to his devastated widow
Kirianne Curley, widow of Corporal Stephen Curley, a royal marine had simultaneous affairs with his two best friends after he was killed by a bomb in Afghanistan, a court heard yesterday.
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Women look for The One at 25
Reports of the death of marriage have been greatly exaggerated, according to new research.
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Death row-mance
A Saudi prisoner who is on death row is to marry the daughter of a fellow prisoner, much to the delight of their families.
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Marriage lives on
Despite the dramatic increase in divorce rates and the number of couples who live together without being married has led many to wonder whether 'til death do us part' still applies.
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The art of arguing
According to a study from the University of Michigan published last week, arguing with your partner can lead to a longer life.
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French first lady speaks of undying love
The wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged to stay by her husband's side "until death".
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