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Could your soul mate be waiting for you on a creative writing course...?
I want to tell you about my friends Anne and David. They met many years ago on a creative writing course in a small fishing village in Cornwall...
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Wannabe chefs in kitchen mishaps
Sometimes the way to a man or woman's heart is through his or her stomach, but research shows that Britain is turning into a nation of kitchen klutzes.
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Queen and Duke celebrate diamond anniversary
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were this week celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.
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Divorce 'damages environment'
Scientists from Michigan State University have made a somewhat bizarre connection between divorce and damage to the planet.
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Do you know the 5 keys to a lasting relationship?

Dating in London? Dating in this beautiful city of ours is hard. Yes there are lots of intelligent, attractive, available men and women out there, but how do yo

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Modern technology and the dating game
Modern technology is helping modern consumers out in the dating game, according to new research.
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Scientists prove flowers really are a turn-on for girls
“Flowers activate romance and act as a facilitator in dating,”are some of the results stated by Dr Gueguen and published in the journal Psychology Press.
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