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The Romance Rainbow! Your perfect colours for love?

So, we’ve been over the basics on what to wear on a date before: keep it smart but comfortable, don’t bare too much flesh, make sure it’s CLEA

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Recognised internationally as one of the top niche internet dating sites

Love and Friends was a finalist for Best Niche Internet Dating Site in the IDate2016 Global Da

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The Miranda complex: women and their money
The theory that single woman are scaring off men with their success is gaining weight, resulting in a generation of women who feel they must be secretive about their salary.
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Women more complex than men
Science has known for centuries that men evolve faster than women, as is evident in the animal kingdom where males of various species have more impressive plumage and features.
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Duffy: I'm happy being single
She may be topping the charts with her tuneful melodies, but Welsh singer Duffy said she is not ready to get into a serious relationship.
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Knowing when he's just not that into you
Most men are simple, uncomplicated and straightforward, making it easy to tell whether he is into you or not.
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Flashy dancers 'most attractive' to women
Well you can tell by the way he works that floor if he's a woman's man, according to new research.
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