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A helping hand for cheaters
Cheating on a partner can be a shady business, and a company in France has decided to exploit this gap in the market by helping cheaters cover their tracks.
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Couple divorce after cheating?with each other
A cheating couple got a nasty surprise when they realised that they had been playing away with each other.
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Can't take my eyes off you
Whether sizing up a rival or searching for a mate, our attention gets stuck on attractive people, a new study has revealed.
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Woman's cheating gets caught on Wii
A cheating wife has been uncovered via the media of her computer technology game-playing.
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Keeping your partner faithful
While few of us enter into relationships believing our partner will be unfaithful, once the first flushes of romance have passed and the relationship has developed into a routine, it becomes more of a...
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Cheating 'unwrapped' in new book
Modern life is making it easier for people to have affairs, according to a woman who has written a book on the subject.
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More women 'suspect husbands of cheating'
An increasing number of women are hiring private investigators because they suspect their husband is having an affair, according to a new report.
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Cheryl bans Ashley from the bedroom
Girls Aloud beauty Cheryl Cole is making her husband get to know her again as the couple rebuild their relationship following the footballer's cheating revelations.
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