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Divorced men are suddenly such a catch!
48,000 single British women are actively seeking men with a failed marriage behind them.
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Weather 'could lead to a frisky holiday'
Warm weather and an abundance of free time will ensure that this May Bank Holiday is the most sexually-active vacation of the year, it has been claimed.
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Today's young women - catch them if you can
Young women today are said to fall into four categories and determining what type of woman you have your eye is can help you decide the ideal date to woo her.
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Cheating 'unwrapped' in new book
Modern life is making it easier for people to have affairs, according to a woman who has written a book on the subject.
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The body beautiful
A new survey has revealed that gyms are increasingly being viewed as places to scout for potential partners.
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Beckhams go on double date
Celebrity super couple David and Victoria Beckham went on a double date on Good Friday with another top celebrity couple.
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Eva wants double date with Beckhams
Ever tried double dating? Well, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria wants to try it with the Beckhams.
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Men vain, while women lack self esteem
Men are motivated by vanity when they choose to have cosmetic surgery, while women do it because they have low self-esteem, according to a new study.
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