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Sexy soap moments
Erotic soap moments are doing it for couples the nation over. And some sexy clinches have made the history books.
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Internet taking up couples' together time
Is your love life lacking? If so then there is a chance all your problems could be solved simply by switching off the computer.
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Dater Tennant disappoints female fans
Doctor Who star David Tennant is happily dating again after splitting from Thunderbirds actress Sophia Myles.
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Football on the brain
Men are often distracted during intimate time with their partners because they have other things on their minds.
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Dating tips from MySpace
MySpace has become the home of dating tips for people looking for love.
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Britons choosing 'money-saving' over online dating
British people are spending far more time checking their bank balances online than meeting new people in cyberspace, according to a new report.
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Not tonight dear, I'm watching TV
It has been revealed that 47 per cent of British men would give up sex for six months in exchange for a dream 50-inch plasma television, according to a survey by Comet.
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Women 'diet for a decade'
Women spend a decade of their lives on a diet, according to the results of a new survey.
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