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Could your soul mate be waiting for you on a creative writing course...?
I want to tell you about my friends Anne and David. They met many years ago on a creative writing course in a small fishing village in Cornwall...
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Recognised internationally as one of the top niche internet dating sites

Love and Friends was a finalist for Best Niche Internet Dating Site in the IDate2016 Global Da

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Video game proposal
A woman got the surprise of her life while playing a computer game with boyfriend David Rosowski.
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Dating tips from MySpace
MySpace has become the home of dating tips for people looking for love.
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Men's dating pitfalls
A marriage counsellor has revealed the top five mistakes men unwittingly make in their relations with the fairer sex.
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UK men shun women for gadgets
British football widows may have thought that they would get to spend more time with the men in their lives because of the lack of any UK teams in the European Championships.
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Heigl made her move on hubby
Some women may think it's up to the guy to make the first move, but not so for Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl.
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Flashy dancers 'most attractive' to women
Well you can tell by the way he works that floor if he's a woman's man, according to new research.
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